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Slack - Descarga Slack, versión 4.4.0

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This platform connects people that need to collaborate on a daily basis. It also provides them with the tools they need to do their jobs better. Slack has channels where teams gather, and they can be organized in any way, by location, company, department, project, or in any other way.

It has a clear user interface where you always get information that is relevant to you. These channels can also be public for other team members to get updates on specific projects, if necessary.

For example, sales and marketing teams need to communicate frequently. They need to know what the other team is doing to prepare for their part in a better way.

Slack can be used to centralize data from many different applications that you use in your team. You can also add files and sync notifications. Everything is put in one place, so there is no need for employees to juggle different tools or dashboards.

Employees can get all relevant information with context, making it easier for them to make decisions.

Slack also saves all data that is shared so that companies can build their knowledge base automatically without any effort. It’s a simple and effective tool that allows users to get the information they need regularly.

At the same time, Slack is an excellent tool for managers who need to keep track of progress and ensure that all the projects are going in the right direction.

● New activity feed
● Notifications
● Different file sharing options
● Chat
● Video conferencing
● Audio calls
● Project/task management
● Threads for discussions
● Various third-party software integrations

Slack is one of the most popular PM tools in modern business. Get the app and find out why!


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